Odom’s Bar-B-Que

A Note from the Odom Family

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our friends and customers that have called, sent cards and stopped by to express their condolences during this time of loss.

Your expressions of care and concern during this rough time has meant the world to our family.

– The Odom Family

Voted Best Neighborhood Restaurants 2008 by D Magazine

“A great find: a small family owned BBQ stand, with inside seating or take out service. Generous portions, very friendly staff, and … oh … by … the … way … some GREAT BBQ!” (See the YouTube review)

“Good stuff. Tasty BBQ for a good price. Wish we had something like this in Seattle.”
Robert S.
Seattle, WA

Voted Best Ribs in Dallas in 2006

“They have some of the best ribs in Dallas.”
from Mo’s Aussie Dallas experience

And these are just a few of the good things that Dallas has been saying about Odom’s Bar-B-Que for over 35 years.

Odom’s has a long history as a family-owned business that has passed from generation to generation and has served barbeque to friends and celebrities alike.

So if you are simply looking for some of the best barbeque in Dallas, or catering for your party, look no further than Odom’s Bar-B-Que.

The Odom’s Bar-B-Que Heritage

Cooking Together

Gloria Hardeman’s grandfather Chester Field Hardeman founded Hardeman’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant in the 1930s, just north of downtown Dallas.

Odom's Family and FriendsHardeman’s has parlayed hearty meals and customer loyalty into a run of more than 60 years. During that time, the restaurant expanded to four locations, all still operating. One, sold to in-laws in 1990, is now Odom’s Bar-B-Que, at 1971 Singleton Blvd. in West Dallas.

Most of the founder’s six children and many of his more than 16 grandchildren! have worked at his restaurants.

Gloria Hardeman, 34, grew up in the business and worked for her parents, George and Olevia Odom Hardeman.

“I was made to work,” she said. “My friends always said, “She has to work this weekend.’ I felt limited. Now that I’m an adult, I feel highly favored and blessed of the Lord.”

Olevia Hardeman still helps her daughter run the restaurant at 2901 S. Lancaster Road.

“All five of my children have been involved in the business,” she said. “It’s good to have family.”

Belinda Odom Gaston, 46, and her mother, Bettie Odom, 68, run Odom’s with the help of many of Mrs. Odom’s eight children and 22 grandchildren.

Mrs. Gaston worked at her uncle and aunt’s Hardeman’s restaurant as a child, then owned a beauty salon for 15 years. Eventually, however, she and her mother bought and renamed the old restaurant where she had worked years earlier.

Mrs. Gaston encourages young relatives to find their own way but to remember that the family business offers opportunities.

“I tell them there’s nothing wrong with venturing out – I did it. But I came back, and I say, “Thank you, Lord.’ ”

Dallas Morning News – February 21, 1999